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Anonymous asked: Dearest Cyber Diary, I want to tell my closest friend about my childhood molestation but I'm afraid she would change the way she would react to me, I haven't told anyone because I can't handle the look of pity in their faces and I don't want them to think of me differently. If your closest friend told you he/she was molested as a child, how would you act towards that person? Please be honest I need to know someone's viewpoint. XOXO


I haven’t been on here for ages, and I’m sorry I haven’t answered you right away. 

In my honest and most genuine opinion, being told by my bestfriend that he\she has been molested earlier would shock me. My face would turn a certain angle, and maybe, just maybe, pity would be written all over my face. 

The truth to this matter, though, is that if YOU are ready to share this with someone and trust that person dearly, you have the right to do so. They obviously won’t be all rainbows and sunshine about it; so give them time. 

Maybe they won’t act the same for a certain period of time, but it’s only because they’ve know you as the strong person-they never imagined this to have happened.

All in all, that friend will eventually go back to what they were, and how they acted with you. If they haven’t, they weren’t your friends. 

Tell me what happened, i’m right here if you need anything. x

Dearest Cyber Diary,

My daughter is eight months old and two days old today.

It was eight months ago today that I stood outside the hospital and watched her adoptive parents drive away with her.

It will be 17 more years and 4 months until I can ever see her again.

I miss her every day.

Giving her away was the worst mistake I ever made.

I believed a little too late that I would have been good enough for her as her parent.

How do you move on with your life when the thing that made you the happiest is gone, and it’s your fault?


Anonymous asked: I was raped repeatedly at age seven, I am not strong enough to move in.


Hey anon. If you want to privately talk about this, i’m all ears (or eyes, considering the situation). Get off anonymous so the messages become private, where my response will go straight to your mail! Stay Strong! XOXO

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This is so true. 

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